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Industrial Computer Systems Supporting Australian Industry

Decrease your risk of fault while giving your business the tools it needs to succeed. UTICOR – a division of AVG Autotech – provides an enormous range of industrial automation equipment to help business-owners increase the speed and precision of their core operations.

Providing a range of innovative products that work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, buying from our collection means faster and more accurate dissemination of information in the workplace, empowering everyone from management to floor-workers to make more responsive decisions.

Our robust, industrial PCs can stand up to any environment

One of our flagship products, the innovative UTICOR Industrial Panel PCs are as user-friendly as they are robust. Available in three sizes to meet the space and budgetary needs of more businesses, they represent a new way to look at HMIs.

Equipped with Windows for the ultimate in flexibility combined with the resilience and build-quality of a traditional HMIs, these industrial computer systems help you perform better. Provided complete with two LAN ports, 4 USB ports and 2 COM ports for the most versatile external communications systems, they are sure to be an invaluable and easily integrated part of your business’ production.

Discover our range of industrial computers, marquee displays and PLCs

In addition to our industrial PCs, UTICOR AVG P/L is proud to be a leading supplier of high-performance PLC controllers designed to excel in the most challenging conditions. The Tough Director PLC is a revolution in the field, offering complete modularity combined with the ability to function in ambient air temperatures of 60°C and humidity levels of 95 per cent.

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