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Uticor Marquee LED features

November 12, 2014 at 9:37 AM

Besides the construction and appearance of a marquee display, one must consider the ease or relative complexity of system implementation. Most marquees offered by our competitors require significant change in PLC ladder logic to display messages or alarms with embedded PLC variables.

This requires alteration or modification to the current PLC program. Most control engineers do not want to modify the PLC program for fear of introducing an inadvertent error or bug in the program which could cause serious downtime. The Uticor Tough Marquee eliminates the need for any PLC program change whatsoever! It becomes another node on the PLC network which reads and writes to PLC registers just like another touchpanel or HMI. In fact the Tough Marquee CPU is the same as the one used in Uticor Toughpanels.

Tough Marquees have an exclusive unique feature that allows you to view and control the contents of your Tough Marquee including any PLC tags and of course messages over the internet. View and control Marquee messages over the internet from your PC as if your PC was directly connected to the Marquee on the factory floor. This is also a great tool for management and other personnel in any plant to monitor production over an intranet.