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Absolute & Incremental Position Encoders for Australian Heavy Industry

Ensure your business has the tools it needs to succeed. UTICOR offers business-owners a wide range of encoders, suitable for every environment and application. Building on the successes and innovations of the past, our collection now encompasses devices capable of functioning in even the most demanding conditions, providing unparalleled accuracy of reporting for the resources, manufacturing, fabrication, automotive and aviation sectors.

The future of incremental rotary position pulse encoders

Providing versatility, durability and convenience in one package, UTICOR’s Smart-Encoders™ are available in a variety of configurations to meet the varied needs of modern industry. Including both incremental position pulse and absolute encoders, and offered in a variety of sizes, these waterproof, explosion-proof units offer reliable and accurate positioning feedback in even the most rugged environments.

Field programmable without the use of a computer and carrying a convenient LED display, it’s designed for deployment in the most demanding settings.

The advantages of absolute brushless resolver position encoders

Due to the nature of the mechanism, a power outage can cause an incremental encoder to coast to a stop and give a false position reading, requiring it to be reset to zero. If your business is unable to or cannot afford to re-sync the controlled apparatus each and every time power is lost to the device, then an absolute resolver is for you.

Capable of providing accurate position data even in the case of sudden power loss and subsequent restoration, our DigiSolvers are perfect for oil drilling, dam/gate control and military applications, amongst others. They provide enhanced accuracy, reliability and higher potential operating speeds, translating the analogue position signal into a PLS-compatible digital format within the same housing. Ideal for applications where the device is subject to repeated mechanical shock, constant vibration, or exposure to extreme/rapidly changing temperature and humidity.

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