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Flexible, powerful and robust. The range of PLC systems offered under the UTICOR brand name represent some of the most advanced units on the market. Renowned for their extreme durability and built to accomplish any task in any environment, they’re the perfect tool for business-owners seeking something to meet the demands of the modern manufacturing industry.

No family of products better represents this achievement than the Tough Director collection of programmable logic controllers. Completely modular offering business owners the flexibility of 256 I/O modules and able to function in the most extreme conditions, it’s a paradigm-shifting design that is revolutionising industrial automation.

An advanced programmable logic controller for sale

Our goal with the Tough Director was to create a family of PLC systems that were simple and easy to learn and program while offering experienced users the suite of features that they’ve come to rely on from UTICOR products.

Featuring both drag-n-drop programming as well as our very own free flow ladder logic, combined with the ability to connect to Modbus, Modbus TCP, Profibus and DeviceNet networks means that’s it’s the ideal tool for both young business and experienced, more demanding facilities.

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As one of USA’s leading PLC system suppliers for the manufacturing, defence and automotive sectors, UTICOR – a division of AVG Autotech – helps local business streamline their core operations while cutting overheads and reducing inefficiencies. Have more crucial information in front of you and your workers faster and be better equipped to make decisions that steer your company to a more profitable future.

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