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PMD 150 - 400 series

Programmable Message Displays

AVG UTICOR Programmable Message Displays (PMDs), are found in numerous applications throughout all industries. 

PMDs are extremely versatile products, enabling your PLC or control system to display vital production status or alarm messages to plant-floor personnel in real time. AVG UTICOR now offers several lines of
human-machine interfaces:

  1. VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display), Character-based Master Message Displays
  2. VFD Character-based Slave Message Displays
  3. Message Controllers (no display)
  4. LED-based Marquees 

Character-Based Master Message Displays store several (memory dependent) messages.

These messages and their characteristics (such as blinking, centering, scrolling, etc.) are programmed using a programming software that runs on a PC (available free from AVG UTICOR). A Master Message Display continuously polls the connected PLC for a message number and several control parameters.

Based on the control parameters, the Master Message Display can display the message, send the message to one or a group of Slave Message Displays or Marquee Displays (described below). A PC can also control the Master Message Display.

AVG UTICOR offers the following Master Message Displays :

  • PMD 150 Series
  • PMD 180
  • PCI 185
  • PMD 200
  • PMD 300 Series
  • PMD 400 Series

A Message Controller is functionally the same product as the corresponding Master Message Display, except it has no display of its own. Thus, a Message Controller, like a Master Message Display, stores messages and sends these messages to Slave Message Displays or Marquees (to one, group, or broadcast), based on PLC and/or PC command.

AVG UTICOR offers the following Message Controllers:

  • PMD 180MC
  • PMD 300MC

Slave Message Displays do not store messages. They are typically used with a Master Message Display, Message Controller, or a PowerPanel. Any of these units can drive a network of several Slave Displays. Each Slave Display used on a network has a unique address. This addressing scheme allows a message to be sent to one, several, or all slaves on the network.

AVG UTICOR offers the following Slave Message Displays:

  • PMD 150S
  • PMD 180S
  • PMD 200S
  • PMD 300S


The PMD Master Message Display or Message Controller receives message inputs from a PLC or control system and outputs messages to one or more units installed at strategic locations throughout the user’s plant. A PC can be connected for programming purposes.

AVG UTICOR offers a variety of PMD models to meet different application needs. A user will select a PMD based on following criteria:

  • Number of lines on display
  • Characters per line
  • Size of characters (visibility distance)
  • PLC Connectivity drivers (available for over 30 models)