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PGI100 series

HMI Operator Interface Panels 

Operator HMI interface panels. Uticor have a large installed product base throughout the world. This includes many legacy PGI (programmable graphics interface) and PMD (programmable message display units). Replacement units are still available for most of our legacy products.


When old hardware fails or needs replacing, the expense involved in engineering new programming software and installing and integrating new hardware can be prohibitive. Uticor have a firm commitment to supporting their legacy PGI and PMD operator interface and display units throughout the world. With this is mind, it can make sense to just buy a new version of the existing unit rather than going down the path of re-engineering a completely new solution.

The following example demonstrates the merits of the above:

The following information for replacing the early generation of Uticor PGI100 9" (100G-1M1RO) Mono touch panels, which uses the Uwin software 10F57 or 10F64.

Important information

The PGI version that Uticor is recommending for replacing the 9" Monochrome Panel is the 8" 100G-8U1R0. This is an 8" STN Colour panel that has the same cut-out and the mounting stud holes as the 9" Monochrome touch panel. This panel runs on the uWIN software so the customer can use their existing application program.

Important comments:

The 100G-8U1R0 is programmed with the uWIN software so the customers can use their existing programs.

The 100G-8U1R0 has a smaller screen so some objects my have to be resized. When more then 256K memory is needed use the 100G-8U3R0 1Meg option.

The 100G-8U1R0 is a colour panel so some objects that were programmed in monochrome may fade or disappear. This means some colour adjustments may be required. In that case use the colour tone tool in the UWin software to bring the object back. This panel can be ordered with RAM or Flash and the software is free.

Part Numbers

PGI100 Power Panel 100G-8U1R0 8" STN colour 24VDC
PGI100 Power Panel 100G-1U1R0 8" STN colour 115 VAC

The above units fits directly in to your existing panel cut out of the PGI100 9" Mono. Please note, not available in 240 VAC power supply.

Also available all our 10" colour units P/N 100G-1SXXX and 100G-1CXXX