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uWin Simple Scada software

Truly Simple PC-based Control & Data Acquisition

scada-web-ad.jpgBased on AVG Automation’s incredibly easy to use software packages, the uWinSS is no different. uWinSS Simple SCADA Software is designed to put simple, robust and easy to use SCADA control at your finger tips at a very low cost. Whether a simple Human Machine Interface (HMI) application, or a complex and demanding data acquisition and reporting mechanism, uWin SS can be adapted to your needs and requirements.

uWinSS offers the user unlimited number of tags in their program, as well as no restriction on the number of screens that can be programmed!

(Demo version allows construction of maximum of 3 screens and requires purchase of a license for full activation and use of the Runtime feature)

  • Easy to use, easy to implement, easy to maintain
  • Simple configuration for various applications
  • Scalable to your PC’s resolution
  • HMI Runtime equivalence
  • Remote Access to HMI Runtime and Data
  • Highly secure and licensed application
  • Simple, accurate report generation & management

With the ability to connect to most Serial and Ethernet PLC drivers, as well as the ability to function over dual PLC protocols, the uWin software is incredibly versatile and adaptable to any SCADA application. The included Flex reporting allows the user to generate text reports based on events or data collection schedules. In addition, connect seamlessly to any network printer or SQL Server.

 uWin SS Setup 2.jpg

“The most serial and ethernet drivers supported including EthernetIP and Siemens ISO Ethernet over TCP!”

uWinSS software and UTICOR Windows 7 Embedded Fanless PC

You can pair uWinSS software with Uticor’s Windows 7 Embedded PCs' to enable communication with network PLC Protocols such as Allen Bradley’s DataHighway Plus/Remote IO, Siemens Profibus, Devicenet, Modbus Plus, and CC-Link.